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How Much do Locksmith Services Usually Cost?

Why Choose Locksmith 775 for Your Current Needs

How Much do Locksmith Services Usually Cost?

How Much do Locksmith Services Usually Cost?

How Much do Locksmith Services Usually Cost?

Locksmith services vary wildly depending on the area, what type of services are required, local labour costs and other factors. Professional locksmiths can provide the following services:

Lock changing – around $30 to $300 total, depending on lock type, fees charged and how secure the lock is

  • Re-keying – $40 to $100 minimum charge, plus $5 to $25 per lock cylinder
  • Key copying – around $1 to $4, or $5 to $20 for special keys
  • Recover car keys that are locked inside the car – between $30 and $50, depending on type of lock and lock complexity

NOTE: Keep in mind that these are national estimates as presented by HomeAdvisor.com, a website that provides contact information for local businesses and service providers.

Tips on How to Avoid Being Scammed

Unfortunately, there are some locksmiths who are in the business simply to exploit people. These so-called “locksmiths” make it more difficult for legitimate locksmiths to gain new customers. The Huffington Post lists some precautions you can take in order to minimize the risk. You can find other precautions as well as pricing trends for your area by going to a site like Angie’s List. These websites take steps to verify companies before they’re allowed to post their services, and they also provide verified customer reviews for businesses.

Need a locksmith to assist you with any type of locks and keys just call us (775) 203-5750

If you ever forget your car keys in your car on your vacation in Reno NV just call us (775)  203-5750 and  one of or professional locksmith will be there to get your car keys, When you need a locksmith to assist you with any type of locks and keys just call us (775)  203-5750  and one of ur professional locksmith will be there to take care of the problem. 


Need a locksmith to assist you with any type of locks and keys just call us (775) 203-5750

Need a locksmith to assist you with any type of locks and keys just call us (775) 203-5750

Reno area residents rely on various locks and keys in numerous ways throughout their daily lives. Locks and keys may be used to secure your home, business or car, to access a safe or briefcase and more. While you may rarely give thought to your locks and keys most days, there will come a time when you need urgent locksmith Reno service. At Locksmith 775, our hardworking and devoted team goes the extra mile to help valued customers with their needs. We offer 100% satisfaction along with affordable prices and a fast arrival. When you need mobile service from a locally owned company that regularly offers services near you, we are the company you want to reach out to. Call now (775)  203-5750 to get the professional service you need.


The Many Ways We Can Help You

When you need a locksmith Reno to assist you with any type of locks and keys, rest assured that we have the skills, tools and knowledge necessary to help you with all of your needs. Many of our valued clients will call us when they are in a car lock out situation or when they are locked out of their home or office. We can easily open locked doors so that you can retrieve your keys. We can also change the locks or make new keys. In addition, we can help you to bolster security on your property by installing more secure locks. We offer mobile service, which is ideal for your automotive needs. Our locksmith Reno team can work on any make and model regardless of the year the vehicle was made.

Putting Our Services to Work for You

If you have never called a locksmith Reno in the past or if you have unfortunately had bad experiences with other locksmiths, you may be wondering what we offer. We are a mobile team that offers 24-hour service. This means that you can always count on our NV team to provide fast arrival regardless of your location or the time of day. We can provide you with an up-front quote with affordable prices, and this means that you never have to worry about paying too much for the services you need. Because each member of our team is thoroughly trained and travels with all of the tools and equipment needed to complete most projects, you never have to wait long for the work to be done. We understand your desire to get back to your plans for the day without delay. Call now (775) 203-5750 to set up service with us.

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The Fast Results Your Current Situation Demands

Many lock and key issues require fast results, and you can rest assured that we are the locally owned company that offers fast services near you. We are a mobile team that is on standby at all hours of the day. We even work on holidays and weekends. You never know when a lock and key issue will arise, but we are the locksmith Reno that will not let you down. We will arrive at your location to assist with any lock and key issue that you may have. Other locksmiths serving the community may not be able to provide services for all types of locks and keys, and this can be a frustrating experience to deal with. When you call us for assistance, you can count on us to get the job done right without delay, regardless of the types of locks and keys you have.


Most people will run into a lock and key issue at some point and will need help from a professional locksmith Reno. While there is never a convenient time to find yourself in a dire situation with your locks and keys, you can rest assured that there is a fast and convenient solution to your problem available. Our devoted team of experts wants to get started working for you and will work diligently to impress you with a job well done. Because we are locally owned and offer excellent services near you, you can trust us to arrive promptly. Help is on the way as soon as you call our locksmith Reno team. Call now (775) 203-5750 to set up an appointment with us today.