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Locksmith 775 cares about our customers. As a customer focused locksmith we are proud to serve the area as the most trusted locksmith in Reno.

Throughout Nevada, people go about their daily lives using locks and keys for a variety of purposes regularly. When you have access to your locks and keys, you may not give them a second thought, it’s when you lose them that you realize the importance of your keys; it’s when you break your key off in the lock and can’t get to work in the morning, or get into your home, or safe; it’s when you need us.

When you need assistance from a locksmith in Sparks or Reno, we are the most dependable locksmith in Reno.  Unlike other locksmiths in Nevada, our team has the thorough training and exceptional skills to complete all tasks, without calling in back-up, and fast, too!

We will travel in well-stocked vehicles that contain all the supplies and tools needed to complete the job, guaranteed. You will not have to worry about our team being unable to finish the job that we are asked to do – making us the number one locksmith in Reno that you can turn to for all of your needs. We offer a 100% satisfaction guaranty as proof of our commitment to you and our belief in our solid abilities.

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Broke My Key in the Lock!

Breaking a key off in a lock happens more often then most people would think and can happen for a variety of different reasons. Were you applying too much pressure when attempting to open the lock? This may have caused the key to bend and break inside the lock mechanism.

Our locksmiths are dedicated to staying continuously updated on the latest in digital lock repair, smart locks, new safe designs, and more. Our well-trained locksmith technicians have your interests at heart and are ready to be at your service day and night, 24/7.

It doesn’t matter how you broke the key in the lock, it just matters how you’re going to get back into your house, or back into your car! Leaving a lock broken without maintenance is not only a huge security issue, but can truly damage the lock beyond repair.

Why Call a Locksmith if You're Locked Out of Your Car?

IF you live in NV and you realize that there is a problem with your locks and keys just call us (775) 203-5750

Locksmith 775 is Reno’s most experienced locksmith. Once our Reno Locksmith technicians have arrived, our talented team will begin to remove the broken key from the lock and proceed to further assess any other damage to the lock. Locksmith 775 needs to ensure that there is no internal damage to the parts within the lock.

How to Extract a Broken Key from Lock 

As a trusted Reno locksmith, we will extract the broken from inside the lock gears and evaluate the nature of the lock to see what locksmith technique will need to be used to repair the lock fully. Our experienced locksmiths will make sure there are no segments of the broken key sticking out of the lock, then we can get started on repairing the lock.

Next, our locksmith technicians will lubricate the lock gears to remove any part of the broken key in the lock, but more often than not, there is no area of the key sticking out of the lock so our locksmiths will be able to use our broken key extractor tool. This tool is operated by catching the piece of the key stuck in the lock and slowly, but surely, pulling it out. This is why it is so essential that the lock is lubricated! If any part of the key gets stuck during extraction the lock can become compromised.

If you broke your key in the lock, whether it is your car lock, office, or home, call Locksmith 775 today and let us help you out.