At Locksmith Reno 775 we understand how important the security of your home and business is. Whether you’re locked out of your home or car, Locksmith775 is your ideal first call. We can solve any car lockout or let you inside the house or apartment within 25 minutes of your initial call. We can make you a new key for the front door or re-key your entire home, change all the locks, you name it!

If you are locked out of your vehicle or lost your car keys, we know how frustrating it can get. To be stranded outside of your car is a very difficult situation to be in, especially at a late hour. Therefore, our 24/7 locksmith Reno and Sparks mobile service is ideal for any automobile locksmith needs. Once you get off the phone with a professional on our dispatch team we can get a technician to your location in just 15-25 minutes. Our automobile locksmiths  are guaranteed to help you with any auto security issue, no matter the service you need done they will do if for you without hassle and they are always able to answer any questions you might have.

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What is a Master Key System?

Change Locks

Locks must be replaced under certain circumstances. Sometimes locks wear past the point where a rekey can improve their function. In addition, some may want to replace their locks for purely aesthetic reasons or to accommodate disabilities. When you consider the people and property that your locks are protecting, it only makes sense to upgrade to quality locking hardware. Call our experts at Reno Locksmith 775 for any home or business lock replacement

High-Security Locks

Feel safer with high-security door locks and prevent your home and business fall victim to burglary. Instead of changing locks on a regular basis, why not get the best high-security locks for your property? This cost-effective method not only provides your business with the right amount of security, but it also provides you with a key control management system and ensures no other key will fit your lock. Call our professional locksmiths team for free consultation.

What is a Master Key System?

Rekey Locks Service

Locksmith Reno 775 is highly specialized in rekeying residential locks. Rekey is another cost effective way to change the keys and ensure the safety of your property, without installing all new locks and hardware. Rekeying means replacing the inner workings of a lock so they will function with a different key cut. We work with property managers and businesses in the Reno NV area on a regular basis for locks rekey services. Visit us on Yelp for reviews